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MiO had the unique opportunity of creating and leading a new category. The pain point was that powder is a messy way to flavor a drink and that liquid is a more beautiful, easy way to enhance a boring glass of water. It was important that the shape of the package be driven by the product inside. The droplet created instant consumer understanding. 

The water-enhancing category was ready for disruption! 
Powder was irrelevant and messy

Mio created a new category. One that had a holistic flavor experience.

Becoming the fastest-growing product launch in Kraft history!


The category is built on the transformation from one liquid to another. Never before had that come to consumers in a more convenient and magical way.
The days of scoops, powders, and stirring are gone, and a new era of self-mixing liquid is here. 


Dose to Delight

The act of using the product is delightful and fun. Its new ability to accurately dose is another benefit consumers control. Dose a little or a lot, add a little more dial it in just right. 


On the Go

A key benefit of this new form is the convenience of use anywhere. This drove the OTG considerations to be top of mind. The shape should be easy to use, and easy to find in a bag just by touch. 

Flavor Frankie

Consumer Design Target

Being active isn't a chore for Fannkie it's a lifestyle. Her day is packed front to back with work, family, friends, and staying healthy. Frankie doesn't believe that being healthy means you have to give up the things that make you happy. To her delicious flavor in a refreshing drink is just what she needs to make the stress of the day go away for a moment.

She knows what she wants and doesn't have time for the things she doesn't. She doesn't want to be slowed down thinking about where and when she can get a beverage that is delicious and healthy.
Energetic, friendly vibe, with an on-the-go lifestyle.

A Day in the Life

Inspirational design target: A Day in the Life helps the design team to have empathy for the consumer. The target consumer is intentionally aspirational. The products included help the team to get a sense of the world the design will live in. 


The purity of a water droplet drives the core of the concept.

Shape Boards

Iconic cap to body integration:
- Expressing water 
- Disruptive asymmetry
- Ownable cap-to-bottle integration 

Water shaped forms
- Pebble shape package example 
- Abstracted pebble
- Pebbles crafted by water

Ownable shape
- Water bottle cues - OTG
- Focus on dispensing - elevate the actuator
- Liquid inspired shapes



1. EBM HDPE Body

2. Injection-molded cap, butterfly hinge

3. 1-way check valve, assembled 

4. Shrink Wrap

5. Tamper evidence

6. Ruled surface (adds label flexibility)

7. Puck, standard conveyed



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