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15 years in 30 minutes or less - Let's go!


For the Love of Creating.


I am a Maker

At my core, from my earliest memories, I felt an undeniable urge to make things. 

Over the years I've learned to grow that sense from the physical to the less tangible. From hands-on model making to mastering surface modeling in CAD to mapping out complex design strategies. The core feeling that drives me is creating.


I am a Doer

As an industrial designer, I've had the unique experience of developing shape for some of the biggest brands in the world.

I understand what makes a brand relevant to the consumer. Translating benefit and brand into meaningful shape.

I've have experiance designing at scale. Working with large brands means understanding the complexities of how small changes affect fit for use. 

I am a Dreamer

 I've had the opportunity to work in the front end of developing new brands. Navigating who the consumer is, what they need, and what their key pain points are. Building the inspirational consumer target, the journey, the shape inspiration, and the shape language.


I am an Organizer 

One of the attributes that has helped me during my time in agencies is my ability to be a creative that is hightly organized and detail-driven.

This is a balance that I've learned to master. Knowing when to take the "handcuff off" and let the creativity drive. Then when to tighten things up and keep the project moving. Creating charts to visualize problems or help with decision-making. I also have a thing for file organization.

I am a Leader 

With 8 years as Industrial Design Director, I've had the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons.  

I've been able to foster young talent and help them grow within the profession. Not only teaching the skills of design, also how to be proactive. Getting "in front of " possible issues concerning the client or the project.


It's been a Journey.





NICE ltd


Industrial Design

Member of a small design team working on housewares products for OXO, as well as furniture concepts. Led by Industrial Designer Mark Naden. Hands-on all phases of the design process. Model making - Concept CAD. 

G2 part of Grey advertising Designed for a range of brands including Imperial Tobacco, Absolute Vodka, Plymouth Gin, and Dunhill. Working mainly on "on-premise" bar tools and displays. Designed in-store pop-up displays for Lucky Strike and Dunhill.  

Director of industrial design with experience leading the design team in a range of project types.
Got to market initiatives
Design Language Development
New Brand Development
Business Packaging Strategies
New Product Development
Front End Innovation
Client Development
Talent Development 


So... What's Next?


I want to make a positive impact!

I am an asset to internal teams. I've had the experience to help projects come to life. 

Make a difference in people's lives

J&J's portfolio of brands is compelling for many reasons. The innoviations within those brands and the focus on consumer health is an insperation. Something that I would feel excited to be a part of.  

Real Sustainibility Impact

In an agency role, the impact I can have on initiatives can be limited  particularly in sustainability.
With my 15 years of experience, being embedded with a number of brands. I've acquired the tools to ask the right questions and visualize the problem to make the strongest case to get things done.

New Challenges

I've had the opportunity to work on various brands and projects from fragrance to structural packaging to devices. I'm optimistic that the opportunities that exist with J&J would both leverage my current skills and provide an exciting range of new challenges. 

Some of your Bands I Love.



Johnson's Baby 

I'm a huge fan of this re-design. The bottle shape has become even more Iconic than the original. While also marring the product benefit with bottle shape. Creating a holistic message across 2D and 3D.

I've worked a range of projects for Pampers over the years. Creating a vision for growth, and a deeper consumer connection to the brand.

My work with Enfamil did a similar thing. I've had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the category understanding the consumer and their challenges. 


The height and proportion of the shower gel bottle is beautiful and timeless. This bottle still looks crisp and modern on shelf. It coveys the health and science brand architectures. A gentle and efficacious brand story. 

I've had the opportunity to work on a range of skincare brands over the year. Olay, SKII, Old Spice, and Gillette. I've also worked on developing new skincare brands that have the unique opportunity to tell a clear holistic story.




Tylenol is such an iconic brand. Seeing the innovation that Tylenol has been able to bring to the category is inspiring. The emotional connection that consumers have with the brand makes it compelling and exciting to me.

I've had the opportunity to work on consumer devices with SCJ and Raid. It's something that I have a passion for. I want to be able to marry the experience I've had making iconic shape with devices. I think they should be a big part of carrying the design language of the brand to the consumer. 

Thank your for your time.


Great to meet you! I hope we can talk again soon.


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